Monday, August 27, 2012

World Dominance

Is it your goal to buy one of every kind of bead ever made?

Did beads take over every surface of your house
 forcing you to move to a bigger place?

Has your spouse/significant other thrown themselves
 in front of your beads and demanded equal time?

Have you actually considered naming your child Delica?

Do you have a bumper sticker on your car that reads
 "Have You Hugged Your Beads Today?".

You are not alone!
Join us in our quest for world dominance, one bead at a time.

Here she goes again

Okay, so bear with me here. It's been several years since I have worked with HTML (it's still called that isn't it?). I am sure all of my coding from my webpage and auctions are outdated. I also have to go digging for backgrounds and pictures so it may take a month week or, I can use my strike through talk!!! Sure have missed that.....

Anyway, wish me luck :-)

I am going to need it.

Live, Laugh & Love,